What Is the Way to Make Lipstick?

Aug. 24, 2020

Lipstick is a necessity for many people now. If you want to make lipstick yourself, what are the ways to make lipstick? Let's learn together.

Lipstick making materials

Material: 5ml (1 teaspoon) of beeswax, 40ml (8 teaspoons) of natural vegetable oil, olive oil is recommended.

Buy: beeswax, chemical material store; coconut oil, chemical material store.

Cost: about 1 yuan per 50ml beeswax olive oil lipstick.

Lipstick making steps

1. Pour olive oil into the measuring cup.

2. Add beeswax to olive oil.

3. Put the measuring cup mixed with olive oil and beeswax into a boiling pot, heat it with water until the beeswax is completely melted, and the color of the melted solution is slightly darker than that of pure olive oil.

4. After melting, add vitamin E in, cut it with scissors first, and then squeeze the solution in.

5. Add honey at a fast speed. If necessary, put it in the pot and continue to heat and stir, otherwise the honey will not melt into the olive oil and will form agglomerates.

6: Add plant essential oils, add and mix, you are almost done.

7. Finally, pour the finished solution into the lipstick tube. If you don’t need essential oils, pour a part of it into the lipstick tube before adding essential oils.

8. Cover the lipstick tube filled with the solution, then put it in the freezer of the refrigerator for 10 minutes, and you're done.

Custom Lipstick Shell

Custom Lipstick Shell

How to make lipstick 1

1. First, use an embroidery needle to cut out the red thing from the lip liner, put it in the vessel, and then cut a piece of petroleum jelly and put it in the vessel.

2. Then pour water in the pot, put it in the microwave to boil, then stop the fire, put the utensils in the pot until the contents are melted.

3. After melting, stir evenly with a small wooden stick, then pour it into a custom lipstick shell, wait for 20 minutes to solidify, and it’s all set.

Be sure to put it out of the sight of children and avoid being swallowed as candy. Although self-made is safer, it is still poisoned if small children swallow it.

How to make lipstick 2

Teaspoon of beeswax or beeswax beads. You can find beeswax in craft supply stores. 1 teaspoon shea butter, mango cream, almond butter, butter or avocado. This helps smooth the lipstick roll. 1 teaspoon of oil, almond oil, etc., extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil.

A bright red lipstick with beetroot powder. Cinnamon can be used to achieve a reddish brown color. Turmeric can be mixed with other powders to shade more copper. Cocoa powder gives the lipstick a dark brown hue.

The basic ingredients melt together. Put the basic ingredients of lipstick in a special microwave bowl. Place it in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds to increase the ingredients until they melt. Stir the ingredients to make sure they are thoroughly combined.

Mixed colors. Here comes the interesting part: add 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of natural powder you want to use. The mixed powder results in more saturation. Stir the mixed powder into the base and continue to add more (in small increments) until you are satisfied with the color.

Pour the mixture into the container. You can use a lipstick case, a small cosmetic, or any container with a lid as your new lipstick container. Let the lipstick harden at room temperature or in the refrigerator before you use it.

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