Is It Necessary to Use An Eye Massager?

Aug. 14, 2020

Do eyes need special care?

First of all, let’s talk about the characteristics of the eye skin. The eye area is one of the thinnest areas of human skin. There are very few sweat glands and oil glands. Compared with other parts of the face, the skin is very delicate. Asian women 30-35 years old face the first cut in the years are the signs of aging around the eyes, so care is definitely needed.

According to the characteristics of the skin around the eyes, the Best perfume caps supplier needs to pay attention to several directions during eye care:


The stratum corneum of the skin around the eyes is thin and it is easier to expose the blood vessels under the skin. When the microcirculation is not good, there will be dark circles and bloodshot eyes.

Eye Cream Applicator

Eye Cream Applicator


Less secretion of sweat glands and sebum: better moisturizing is needed.

Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

As we age, wrinkles and sagging are more concentrated: stronger anti-aging effects are needed.

What ingredients can't be used in an eye cream

Irritating to eyes

Safety and non-irritation is the primary condition for eye products. In addition to the thin skin around the eyes, the surface of the eyes is mucous instead of skin, which is more susceptible to itching and redness due to irritation and is more susceptible to irreversible damage.

The first thing to ensure eye products is to be gentle on the eyes. Although they are not in direct contact with the eyeballs, the amount of volatile small molecules in eye products must be strictly limited, such as flavors and alcohol. In short, That is, eye cream cannot "smoke the eyes".

l Strong acid and alkali

Products that are too acidic or alkaline should also be used around the eyes. The tears are basically neutral and the pH is between 6.5-7.6. The eyes are most comfortable in this environment.

Pay attention to products that are too acidic, such as acid peels, brush the acid to the corners of the eyes, and the eyelids cannot be brushed; the same is true for products that are too alkaline, such as soap-based facial cleanser, which can cause serious discomfort. There are also some ingredients that are very irritating, including some preservatives, menthol, etc., which will "hot eyes", and their application in eye creams must be strictly limited.

Is it necessary to use an Eye cream metal massager?

Friends who are concerned about the ingredients may have discovered that the composition of Lancome's eye muscle foundation is highly similar to that of Lancome’s small black bottle, and the active ingredients are basically the same. They are all lysates of fermentation products of modified yeast, salicyl sphingosine. Alcohol, vitamin A glucoside, adenosine, etc., but the big eye muscle foundation is more meticulously processed in terms of alcohol, essence, and antiseptic, and it comes with a small roller stick that can be used to apply eye cream and massage the eyes.

Don't underestimate this small design, it has several design patents. High-end eye creams and eye essences will basically come with such an eye cream applicator, which can avoid the need to directly touch the eye cream with your hands to cause pollution, reduce anti-corrosion pressure, and come with a metallic touch, cool and massage the eyes The skin can also promote microcirculation and effectively relieve dark circles and edema-type eye bags. Looking back, this design is quite common.