The Use Of Perfume

Dec. 09, 2020

The Use Of Perfume

Some perfumes are not used up within their guarantee period; Worse still, if we happen to buy a perfume we don't really like, we lose out every time we spray. What about the rest of the perfume? Throw it away? Your wallet is crying.

How do you handle perfume and cologne?

By the shelf life, you can still use your favorite perfume outside of your skin.

Perfume bottle

Air freshener

All you need to do is spray the rest of the perfume on dry cotton balls or odorless dried flowers. Once you're done, you can put these fragrant wonders in a drawer, closet, anywhere else in the room or under your pillow (in my personal experience, lavender smells are great for relaxing my mood and helping me sleep).

Indoor spray

Now that we have an air freshener, can you use perfume as an indoor spray? Mix 10ml of anhydrous ethanol and 50ml of distilled water in a mist flask, add a few drops of unwanted perfume, and you'll have a wonderful home-made perfume spray.

Now consider using it on carpets, sheets, clothes to wear tomorrow, and other household fabrics. Just keep in mind that it will be used up within two weeks in case it goes bad.

Sweet toilet paper

This is a classic way to use perfume. The smell of toilet paper is part of a guest's sense of well-being that is bound to increase when they smell pleasant smells in the bathroom. Of course, if you don't want to spray perfume directly on the toilet paper, then spraying on the cardboard is an ideal option.

How do I run out of perfume I don't like?

You're not the only one who wants to know what to do with a perfume sample or a perfume you don't like. Don't worry, you don't have to put up with the smell anymore! Instead of enduring it, the other purpose of the perfume below will find its best opportunity.

Remove grease stains

Other uses for perfume include oil stains and residual tape. No matter how hard we try, there are still traces left on our clothes or handbags. Now, the perfume you don't need will come into play. Just spray it on a cotton cloth and wipe the greasy area. This method can also be used on tape stains.

Disinfect clothes

The alcohol content of the perfume is enough to disinfect clothes without damaging them too much. Give only a spray of freshly washed clothes; Or take the clean clothes out of the washing machine before the last cycle and drop a few drops. It's that simple.

What about old perfume bottles?

Empty cosmetics bottles are not always useless. They can be reborn as useful gadgets or house decorations. If you don't know what to do with an empty perfume bottle, here are some tips worth trying.

The recycling

The vase

Looking for something cute to decorate your desk and home space? DIY vases might be a good idea. Pick up an empty perfume bottle, rinse it thoroughly and let dry, then add your favorite fresh/dried flowers.

Bottle decoration

Exquisitely designed perfume bottles can be found everywhere. If you are not a flower person, perhaps you would consider using them as an interior decoration? What you do is almost like making a vase, but you don't have to put flowers in it, you put pearls, crystals, jewelry, or any other decoration you like.

For perfume collectors with more than one bottle, you can even rearrange them by color and size to create a special art deco for the house.

Can I use expired perfume?

Perfumes don't have the expiration dates that people think. Perfume is a compound made up of spice bases dissolved in alcohol (some also dissolved in spice oils known as oil-based spices).

This configuration works in the same way that some wines do: the older the better. As the alcohol evaporates, the rest of the smell deepens. In addition, alcohol is very useful for sterilization and preservation.

So does that mean we can use it forever? Sorry, I can't. Factors such as light, temperature, and water in the air can affect the aroma of a perfume that has been opened for a long time, causing a slight change in composition, especially in certain citrus fragrances. Their fore notes tend to smell sour or become slightly odd.

However, the eastern wood notes of the spices are more stable. Instead, they may go bad soon after exposure to direct sunlight, or in a water-filled bathroom.

So, how do you tell when perfume goes bad? The answer is to smell and check the table, not see the color. Usually, the change of color precedes the change of smell.

Certain ingredients change color easily. Said vanilla. Blue perfume with vanilla may turn yellow after a while, but it can still be used. However, if you find it smells strange, it's best to stop using it.

In addition, wearing "expired" perfume that is essentially chemical can cause skin irritation, allergies, and even more serious health problems.

The original intention of perfume is, should use up perfume as soon as possible, in order to maintain its original natural smell. So how to store perfume? They need to keep the lid sealed and away from light and heat to prevent as much discoloration as possible.

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