The History of Perfume

Oct. 22, 2020

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Around the third millennium BC, Egypt began to use spices, which was far earlier than other Egyptian civilizations. The Kofi scent invented by the Egyptians is the earliest perfume of mankind, but because there was no technology for refining high-purity alcohol at that time, so to be precise, this kind of perfume should be called sesame oil, which was specially made by sacrificial worship and pharaoh.

Perfume symbolizes status and status. In the palace, the emperor must be the most fragrant.

The Greeks deified perfume, believing that the gods invented perfume, and smelling the fragrance represented the coming and blessing of the gods.

The wealthier Romans pursued luxury. They liked to spray perfume on the floor and walls, perfume their pet horses and dogs, and spray perfume on triumphant troops and flags.

After the fifteenth century, perfumes were widely used, and strong tallow fragrances began to be used. This popular fashion quickly spread to France, Britain and other European countries. In the seventeenth century, Paul Feminis prepared a wonderful liquid with a fragrant smell. Because he lived in Cologne, Germany, it was named Cologne Water. Since then, French people who love clothing and cosmetics especially love perfume, and perfume has become an indispensable fashion item.

In particular, synthetic fragrances were born in France, and perfumes are no longer limited to natural fragrances, which enables the perfume industry to develop rapidly. Since the French like to add perfume to leather gloves at the time, the best way to find this kind of gloves is to go to Grasse. This French city has gradually prospered because of this trade, and its perfume industry has been well developed. , France soon has the title of perfume capital.

Spary Perfume Bottles

Spary Perfume Bottles

Ambergris is produced by the intestinal obstruction of the whale's digestive system. It floats on tropical seas and beaches washed by waves. It has different shapes and sizes. It must be aired for at least three years before use.

Musk is a granular crystal extracted from the male Himalayan musk deer. The capsule is about the size of a walnut. The extraction process needs to kill the musk deer. The scent is the strongest, one drop on a handkerchief can last forty years.

Civet incense is the secretion extracted from the sac on the tail of the cat. It looks like butter. It is produced in Ethiopia, Myanmar and Thailand.

Castorum is a red-brown creamy secretion extracted from the sac of beaver. It has been used by people since the ninth century, and the earliest users were Arabs.

Balsam is the resin of trees and shrubs that emits fragrance, also called balsam. The scent that comes out is a bit of vanilla extract.

Bergamot oil is produced in Italy. It is an orange-flavored sesame oil extracted from the peel of the bergamot tree. It has a pleasant, cool, and aromatic aroma. The fragrance is sweet and fruity. It has a refreshing and fresh feeling, 33% This kind of material is used in my perfume.

The sesame oil of tangerine is obtained by squeezing the peel, and bitter citrus is also called the Picardi. This orange tree can extract neroli oil, orange flower oil and fruit bud oil.

Frankincense is a jelly obtained from a small tree growing in southern Arabia and Somalia.

Persian resin is a gel-like spice extracted from fennel plants that grow in Iran. Its scent is warm, fat-like fragrance, mixed with green leaves and musk.

Jasmine is an important plant second only to rose in the perfume industry. The fragrance is meticulous and transparent. It has a fresh feeling and is a fresh floral fragrance. Because jasmine must be picked in the early morning when it is covered with morning dew. If it is exposed to the sun, it will lose some of its fragrance. So jasmine is also the most expensive perfume.

Labdanum is also called half-day flower fat, which is derived from the leaves of a plant belonging to the genus Cistus in the Middle East. It has a strong balm fragrance, which is very similar to Long Fuxiang after dilution, and has a long-lasting fragrance, which is very valuable.

The flowers of lavender provide a fresh green, refreshing floral fragrance.

Lemon oil is not only used in perfumes, but also in condiments. It has a strong fragrance of fresh lemon peel, the fragrance is elegant but not very long.

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