Can Perfume Be Stored in the Refrigerator?

Oct. 15, 2020

In our daily life, many people often use perfume. Perfume is a very common body care product. It is important to choose a perfume that suits you. Can perfume be stored in the refrigerator? Best perfume caps supplier introduces you.

Can perfume be stored in the refrigerator?

Do not put custom perfume bottles in high temperature and direct sunlight, and do not put them in the refrigerator, because the aroma can illuminate other foods in the refrigerator and contaminate them.

Perfume is a liquid mixed with essential oils, fixatives, alcohol, and ethyl acetate, used to give objects (usually body parts) a long-lasting and pleasant smell. Essential oils are derived from flowers and plants and are extracted by distillation or liposuction. Organic substances with fragrance can also be used. Fixatives are used to combine various fragrances, including balsam, ambergris, and secretions from the air glands of civet and musk deer. The concentration of alcohol or ethyl acetate depends on whether it is perfume, eau de toilette, or cologne. The shelf life of perfume depends on the storage environment, protected from light, and a cool place. It can be stored for a long time, decades or even hundreds of years.

Perfume can be stored for many years. Although each perfume has a shelf life stated, the unopened perfume can be stored for 15 years, so even if you buy an expired perfume, you can still use it with confidence. It's just that the perfume should be used up within a year after opening the bottle, otherwise the smell will fade.

 Custom Perfume Bottles

 Custom Perfume Bottles

Regarding the preservation of perfumes, generally speaking, perfumes have a longer shelf life than skincare products and cosmetics. Usually, perfumes can be stored for about three to five years after they leave the factory. If they are preserved well, they can extend the life of perfumes. The basic preservation method is as follows:

1. Perfume should be stored in a cool place, avoid sunlight, or indoor temperature difference environment.

2. When the perfume is placed in a high-temperature environment, the fragrance is easy to smell, and the color of the perfume is easy to change.

3. The perfume nozzle should be kept clean and dry, and the bottle cap should be covered after use to avoid the volatilization of alcohol in the perfume.

4. The storage temperature of perfume is recommended to be between 10°C and 27°C.

How can perfume last longer?

Put on perfume 20 minutes before going out

Although applying perfume is a perfect ending to dress up, it does not mean that perfume is applied after makeup. The scent when you first sprayed the perfume, full of the smell of alcohol, will make people around you feel unpleasant.

Because 20-30 minutes after applying perfume, the scent that comes out smells best. Therefore, applying perfume 20-30 minutes before a date or a banquet is the best time to let the perfume scent.

Besides, putting on perfume will make you feel cheerful. Therefore, please change your habits and apply perfume before putting on makeup. When you are putting on makeup, you will feel comfortable and full of happiness because of being surrounded by fragrance.

Where is the best perfume in winter?

First of all, you need to have it behind your ears and your wrists; then, spray it in the air to let your hair absorb a little, and make a little ball of clothes and scarves you want to wear. Spray the perfume on half a meter apart and spread it evenly, so that the whole body will have a light fragrance. It is natural and long-lasting. Even if you go to eat hot pot or go to the bar, there will be no smell of oil and smoke~

The winter sun hits your face and hair warmly, and a warm feeling rises in your heart. You will slightly close your eyes and lift your head to breathe deeply. At this time, the hair processed by the temperature of the sun is scattered on your face. Coupled with the slightly nasty perfume that you sprinkled on your hair this morning, you will find that at this moment, life does not know how beautiful and how beautiful you are.