The emotional appeal and style of perfume bottles

Jul. 16, 2020

Best perfume caps supplier introduces you to the mood and style of perfume bottles.

Perfume bottle

The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, and France almost monopolized the perfume bottle manufacturing industry in the 19th century, among which Britain and France were the best, followed by two manufacturers in the United States.

The UK's most famous perfume bottle manufacturers are Tom Weber's father and subsidiary and Stephen and William Glassware Company, both from Staffordshire, England.  British perfume bottles are mainly made of blown glass. The bottle's body is closer to a narrow-mouthed flask. The stopper is mainly round and supplemented by simple decoration. There are also some perfume bottles with silver chains, which are also unique styles of British perfume bottles.

The perfume bottles in the Czech Republic and Germany are the most colorful, from pink to purple to green, and are very popular among the nobles.  The decoration of flowers and leaves is also very common, art deco style is a design style throughout.

Perfume Bottle

Perfume Bottle

René Lalique is the most well-known manufacturer of French perfume bottles.  Lalique is a jeweler who uses a jewelry casting process called Cire perdue to create a gem-like visual experience on perfume bottles.

Guerlain, the most famous perfume manufacturer in France, is also famous for the design of perfume bottles while making the most expensive perfumes.  Until today, Guerlain has also produced the world's most expensive perfume worth 3.6 million RMB. In addition, French perfume bottle manufacturers pay more attention to the use of jewelry in bottle decoration.

Just like love to make articles on hats, the perfume bottles of the legal system also pay attention to the decoration of the corks, and they are often more refined than the bottle body.  Although French perfume bottles sometimes give top-heavy feelings, they are still synonymous with the most delicate craftsmanship.

Guerlain perfume bottle manufacturer is the famous crystal big-name Baccarat.  Baccarat's most distinctive perfume bottle design is deeply influenced by the Japanese Liu's bottle-the the black bottle is decorated with a golden label.  There is also a candle-shaped perfume bottle that is also very famous. The shape of the stopper is a gold-plated flame.

The American perfume bottles also like to use bright colors, in addition, will be supplemented with some gemstones.  The perfume bottle produced by the famous jewelry brand Tiffany is also famous as its diamond ring.  By the end of the 19th century, perfume bottle craftsmen and manufacturers began to pay attention to the fine glass cutting process. During this period, perfume bottles will also be decorated with some gold-plated floral patterns.

The style of the perfume bottle

Classical perfume bottle

The tradition of using perfume bottles can be traced back to the golden age of Rome and the Egyptian Empire, and indeed has a long and rich history.  The earliest perfume bottles were made of ceramic, glass, and metal materials, and were popular throughout Europe during the Middle Ages.

Later Edwardian perfume bottles were often made of precious metals, usually silver or gold, with ornate carvings.  In the Victorian era, perfume bottles were made of simpler glass with silver caps.

Atomized perfume bottle

The atomizer is an interesting addition to the collection of perfume bottles.  We can see this kind of perfume bottle with the atomizer in many old movies because they are very popular from the late 19th century to the 1960s.

The atomizer has various shapes, colors, and materials.  Bakelite extruders were a popular atomizer material in the 1960s, and atomizers of this material are somewhat common.  Although the bakelite extruder (used to atomize the perfume into a fine mist) may become harder as the age of use increases, it can still give people a short and beautiful visual experience.

Cameo perfume bottle

The Cameo perfume bottle is similar to the design of British ceramic brand Wedgwood ceramics, and the color of the matte pottery bottle is supplemented by white embossed details.  Cameo perfume bottles are usually decorated with details depicting the outlines of people or natural elements -such as floral patterns.  These bottles often have glyph-like relief figures and symmetrical flower designs.


ARTDECO art deco perfume bottles are the most popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries-the the shape has naturalistic elements, such as animals and plants or other gentle organic lines. In fact, Tiffany has produced a series of perfume bottles, with round glass bottoms and gorgeously decorated silver caps, and then covered with a crystal stopper, are all leaders in ARTDECO style perfume bottles.