Preservation Method of Perfume and Precautions for Use

Sep. 09, 2020

Perfume is actually a mixed liquid of essential oils and alcohol. Alcohol is easy to evaporate, so after spraying perfume, you will be left with the smell of non-volatile essential oils. A bottle of perfume you like, of course, should be cherished. What are the preservation methods and precautions for using perfume?

Using it up as soon as possible is the most basic method, but generally good perfumes can still have a lifespan of several years if they are stored properly. Here are some things you should pay attention to when storing perfumes:

1 Perfume should be stored in a cool place, avoid hot air and light. If the perfume is placed at a high temperature, it will change the tone and fragrance of the perfume. If you want to store the perfume for a long time, you can change the custom perfume bottle are wrapped in wrapping paper and placed in the refrigerator.

2 Try to avoid rubbing and shaking the perfume bottle gently.

3 Do not directly touch the mouth of the perfume bottle with dirty fingers, as this may destroy the original smell of the perfume.

4 After the perfume is used, the perfume caps must be tightened to prevent the fragrance of the perfume from evaporating.

PS: Perfume can usually be stored for about one year, and it can be stored at room temperature. If you find that the scent is weakened or sour, it should be discarded.

Perfume Caps

Perfume Caps

Precautions for using perfume

1. Do not sprinkle perfume on exposed parts that are easily exposed to the sun. Because some of the fragrances in perfumes are volatile oils extracted from natural plants, some of these volatile oils contain furanocoumarin ingredients, such as bergamot oil, etc. If sprayed on the face and parts that are easily exposed to the sun, the Long-wave ultraviolet rays will combine with these chemicals sprayed on the skin, and a photochemical reaction will occur, which will eventually lead to skin inflammation and spotted dark spots on the face.

2. Two different perfumes should not be mixed together. The mixed fragrance will make each original perfume lose its pure taste, and it may smell extremely uncomfortable.

3. Perfume should not always be sprayed directly on the skin, because if the skin is stimulated by alcohol for a long time, it may cause allergies. Therefore, the method of use should be changed. Depending on the situation, perfume can sometimes be sprinkled on the clothes to give off a fragrance.

4. Perfume should not be sprayed on fur, gold, pearls, and other clothing items because perfume will make them lose their natural luster.

5. Perfume should not be applied on the forehead, underarms, and shoes, etc. which are prone to sweating. Because there is a lot of sweat in these parts, it is easy to dilute the perfume, and the mixture of sweat and fragrance will produce a strange smell.

6. Perfume should not be too strong or sprinkled too much, otherwise it will be counterproductive, and will easily lead to olfactory disorders, which is not good for the spirit. In addition, it is easy to give people a feeling of aloofness and self-appreciation.

7. Perfume should not be rubbed directly on the face and allergic skin. Because perfume contains a lot of alcohol, especially toilet water, which contains more alcohol and is more irritating, it is not suitable to rub it directly on the face, allergic skin and baby skin.