How Long Is the Shelf Life of Perfume?

Aug. 31, 2020

01Typical shelf life

The regular shelf life of most perfumes is 1-3 years, but if you haven't used up the perfume and didn't evaporate, you can also use it for 4-5 years.

The incense has a shelf life. But there are no hard and fast rules. Before understanding how to keep the fragrance longer-lasting, let me introduce the chemical composition of the perfume.


Generally speaking, the strength of perfume will not be weakened, but the smell will be oxidized, become sour, sometimes acidic or metallic, or has a plastic smell. Excessive oxygen in the perfume bottle will change the aroma molecules that affect the entire bottle of perfume.

Oxidation may come from the top notes, such as citrus, aromatic compounds, or the desiccants of fragrances. Different perfume formulas have different oxidation speeds. Certain perfumes have a longer service life than others.

02 Which perfume lasts the longest?

As long as the fragrance lasts for a long time, the perfume has very stable chemical characteristics. The woody aroma, amber, and leather are very stable. Even after three years, the taste remains unchanged.

Perfumes with high alcohol content tend to last the longest because the alcohol prevents the oxidation of aromatic molecules. Although alcohol has become a public enemy in skincare quality, our previous link introduced what is the real role of alcohol in skincare products? , But he is a good friend in the perfume. Alcohol is a necessary preservative to ensure the integrity of perfume. These are usually colognes or eau de toilette with 90% alcohol. The more concentrated, the longer the life span. Flavors are usually 70% to 90% alcohol, and part of their role is to provide antiseptic support.

But there are also some perfume categories that expire super fast:

  • Non-alcoholic clean fragrance

  • Oil-based flavor

  • Patchouli or citrus perfume

The history of alcohol being used as a preservative in perfumes may be estimated to the beginning of Venetian merchants selling Italian-made perfumes in Europe. (Previous flavors were not made with oil, so this point will be more important)

Some perfume formulas will have "dozens of different ingredients, natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients made of fragrances. In the molecule, stabilizers and some ultraviolet filters are usually added to extend the life and stability of the fragrance.

When we choose skincare products, we often emphasize that we should choose clean beauty items, that is, those items that are non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-residual, but this rule is not very effective when applied to perfume, which is in line with clean Beauty's perfume products usually have a short lifespan. (Perfume without alcohol as a preservative has a short shelf life)

In addition, natural molecules are generally not as stable as synthetic molecules. Of course, we have always shared with you that two things with the concept of "same name" often have "class differences."

Custom Perfume Bottles

Custom Perfume Bottles

03 to make a more lasting perfume a few tips

  • Keep perfume away from light

When I was ignorant, I often put custom perfume bottles on the window sill and it was very cute. Later I learned that this is the fastest way to make perfume live. Light will break down the aroma molecules, so that component is unstable and prone to oxidation.

  • If possible, please put the perfume into the shade

The heat will break down odor molecules and change its chemical composition and structure. The temperature is maintained at 15 degrees Celsius perfume or 59 degrees Fahrenheit is an optimum storage environment.

  • Use an empty bottle of perfume and another bottle of perfume

When the perfume bottle in the air, oxygen internal risk will increase. I know that now we have a basic cross and then several bottles of perfume at the same time. This means that in the same timeline, all perfume is in a fast oxidation state of risk. Especially for high concentrations of fragrance bottles of the best and then New.

  • Store perfume in a closed cabinet

Many of us like to put perfume in the bathroom, but where there will be warm heating, it is not the best choice for storing perfume. The underwear box or dressing table that avoids the sun, the box in the bedroom, or study are all good choices.

  • Store perfume in the refrigerator

In order to keep the perfume at the ideal temperature, the refrigerator is a good choice. But if your refrigerator is always turned on and lights up, the refrigerator is not a completely safe place. You can wrap perfume in aluminum foil, or try a skincare freezer. We mentioned 20 makeup tools that make life easier in the link to makeup tools. The perfume contains alcohol, so don't worry about it being frozen, and the perfume from the refrigerator can really refresh your mind.

The lifespan of perfume is closely related to the maintenance method, so if you want your beloved perfume to last longer, you can consider the recommendations of the best perfume caps supplier. In addition, when applying perfume, avoid pulse Put on perfume because the heat of the body will evaporate some of the fragrance. Use it on moist skin to lock in the smell, and apply a little bit of Vaseline before applying it.