Perfume Bottles

Mar. 26, 2021

Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles are usually made of glass (but can also be metal or plastic) and include a round base and stopper, usually made of the same material. Put the aromatic liquid (perfume) in the bottle, then pour the perfume on the bottle stopper, remove the bottle stopper, and pat it on the skin to use the fragrance. Later, the perfume bottle used an atomizer to splash the liquid substance on the skin.

Starting in the 19th century, perfume bottles were mainly commissioned by perfume manufacturers to store their olfactory products, and the bottles themselves were as popular as the perfumes they used to store. To some extent, perfume bottles are empty, allowing those who buy perfume bottles to fill them with the perfume they want.

Custom perfume bottles are not only used to put on the toilet table, some are also used. Perfume bottle pendants were very famous in the early 20th century. Well-known perfume manufacturers such as Chanel also participated in this game and made charming jewelry with unique fragrances.

Suggestions for turning perfume bottles into decorations

Antique perfume bottles have real femininity and can be easily found in the dressing table and bathroom.

To turn old perfume bottles into accessories, you just need to tell them and let your imagination run wild. What color is it? What shape is it? What will it be combined with? Do you want to wear them together, or do you like to collect them, or wear them alone for specific occasions?

Then, you can think about what you want to use in the old perfume bottle, where to wear it, and how to customize it. In this way, bit by bit, you will definitely establish a treatment and goal in your mind.

Don't worry, at first, after considering a few options, you threw countless ones. The key point is that you need to take the time to decide what to do with the old perfume bottle and how to use it, using the components you currently have and the components you can get.

If you really lack ideas, don't be nervous. Next, we will provide some methods to ensure that you can place them correctly in the technology.

Similarly, assuming this original craftsmanship, you will certainly not only get the decoration related to your house, but you will be able to use additional components, otherwise, you will not use it.

Today, the function of the perfume bottle is a luxury. This reminds us that in the past, the lavatory was a custom-made and beautiful place, and the exquisite design was satisfying. In addition, antique perfume bottles are a coveted collection.

Perfume Bottles