Seven Benefits Of Owning a Solid Perfume

Mar. 19, 2021

Seven Benefits Of Owning a Solid Perfume

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Have you heard of solid perfume? It is just a balm-like perfume, not a liquid like lipstick. They can be carried in lipstick tubes or other small containers.

Since then, I have noticed more and more solid perfumes on the market, both for men and women. It seems that everyone is discovering how great they are!

1. Travel

We all know how difficult it is to ensure that all products you carry are below 100ml in your carry-on luggage. Instead of leaving the perfume at home, it can be one less thing to consider when it is in solid form.

2. Non-alcoholic

Many liquid perfumes contain alcohol to help evaporate when sprayed. Solid perfume does not require any help, so it generally does not contain any alcohol or other irritating substances.

3. Convenient and small

The easiest way to carry solid perfume is to use a small container or lipstick tube. You can take them with you, so you can cheer up quickly throughout the day.

4. No leakage

If you travel with perfume, or just put it in the cupboard at home, the pure perfume will not leak and will not make a mess!

5. Aromatherapy

If you like aromatherapy and mixing different oils, you can make it into a solid scent and take it anywhere. Got a headache? Take out your lavender balm! You can even pre-mix various ointments for different diseases, which is easier than using essential oils in liquid form.

6. Be considerate of others

Are there people who don’t like to be choked by someone else’s perfume or deodorant when they need to be freshened up in public places?! For me, it’s absolutely impossible to spray perfume where other people might get it, but if it’s solid Perfume, the smell will only remain on your skin. resulting in……

7. Less waste

The spray is usually sprayed to any place except the skin, but sesame oil or solid perfume will be sprayed directly to the place where you use it. In addition, some perfumes can be diluted with water, but solid perfumes cannot (solid perfumes are anhydrous, which means they do not contain water), so the fragrance lasts longer.

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