How to Use Facial Massager?

Aug. 11, 2020

How to use a facial massager? In recent years, the beauty effect of facial massager for tightening facial skin and lifting facial lines has gradually been recognized by beauty lovers, and sales have begun to rise. Therefore, a large number of similar products have begun to flood the market, but are facial massagers really useful? Let's get to know the facial massager together.

Which Facial Skin Massager is better?


The elastic fiber of the facial massager ensures the flexibility of the product. The simple and effective operation method allows you to use it freely anytime, anywhere. The three-effect combination of blood-activating, beauty-lifting, and face-lifting can effectively relax your spirit after depressing work. Regular use can make the skin soft, smooth, and delicate. Mainly aimed at the round face, double chin, swollen face, thick neck, which can promote fat metabolism and improve the loose state of the face. It is loved by fashionable women.

【Principle of action】

The slack of the facial muscles is due to the fact that the facial muscles are not well exercised. It is far from enough to rely solely on the chewing exercise during eating. The important thing is to get enough exercise for the muscles. The key to massage is to promote metabolism, burn subcutaneous fat, and improve facial relaxation.

【Massage Guidelines】

1. The reason for the slack face is that the facial expression muscles are not developed. It is very important to tighten the expression muscles. To make the face elastic, the prerequisite is to eliminate the stiff facial muscles.

2. Massaging the key parts can promote fat metabolism and improve the relaxation state of the face.

Facial Skin Massager

Facial Skin Massager

How to use a facial massager

1. Put the facial elastic massage wheel on both sides of the face and massage both cheeks comfortably with one hand

2. Gently hold the handle and roll the wheel from the chin to the cheeks. When pressing and pushing up, please use a little force to make it feel squeezed

3. When pulling up, hold the handle a little harder, and gently hold the handle part, starting from the chin and pressing down to the cheek.

4. It takes about 10 minutes to massage once

5. Please operate under clean skin after cleansing

6. While massaging the face, please massage the neck together

【Special effects】

1. It can effectively promote blood circulation (blood flow) and massage lymph

2. It can promote metabolism, improve facial edema, and contract underdeveloped expression muscles (the cause of facial sagging)

【Scope of Application】

Suitable for round face, double chin, puffy face, thick neck. It is especially suitable for people with "obese" face and facial swelling.

Use skill

The method of using the facial massager is as follows: gently massage the cheeks on both sides with one-handed operation, which can help promote blood circulation and lymphatic massage on the face, effectively eliminate the fatigue and stiffness of facial muscles and swelling, and improve skin relaxation Phenomenon, and it can be used for neck massage, killing two birds with one stone.

Different types of facial massagers have different ways to use them. Although there are many massagers on the market, their different types of use methods, parts, and applicable people are also different. We should choose the massager according to Choose the right type of massager for your own needs. The use of facial massager is actually the same. I believe you will be able to learn the skills of using the facial massager.