How To Stop The Perfume From Evaporating?

Dec. 17, 2020

How To Stop The Perfume From Evaporating?

The smell is one of the most powerful sensations humans have. Perfume is an essential accessory for many women. In addition, perfume is an investment, as it not only helps you smell good throughout the day but also boosts your confidence and improves your mood. It's also a good way to express our personality and make a statement. You may want this expensive perfume to last as long as possible, but unfortunately, it may disappear from your perfume bottle over time. It is hard to believe that the essence evaporates from the pores of most perfume bottles, but it does. So, here are some tips to stop your perfume from evaporating, because precious, expensive perfumes belong to your body, not the air. This is a way to stop the perfume from evaporating.

1. Reduce oxygen exposure: Just as oxygen gradually turns the flesh of thinly sliced apples brown, it degrades and reduces the life of the perfume. When not using perfume, be sure to keep the bottle cap tight. If missing, find a tightly sealed replacement or close the nozzle with plastic wrap. When buying expensive perfumes, keep in mind that spray bottles are preferable to rolling or splash-proof ones because they reduce the exposure of the perfume to the air. Even spray bottles should have LIDS to prevent the smell from slowly evaporating through the holes.

2. Don't open and close the perfume excessively: Remember that a little oxidation and evaporation may occur each time the lid is removed, so hold on to it as much as possible. Some brands even use bottles that can't be opened but sprayed, which is the safest way to prevent perfume from evaporating. Use an atomizer spray as a perfume whenever possible, and avoid opening and closing the bottle too often.

3. Store the perfume in the right place: Direct sunlight and heat are the direct enemies of the fragrance, which can alter the formulation and dark the color under constant exposure. It is a good idea to store perfume in the refrigerator, which should avoid heat and light. However, constant temperature fluctuations from taking the perfume out of the fridge before changing it can damage the perfume. Then, can you store the perfume in the bathroom? Actually, no, too much humidity in a hot shower can ruin the perfume formula. Use the bathroom for storage only if it is safe to have cabinets or corners that prevent steam from entering. So, for safety, store your perfume in a dresser drawer, in a bedroom or other unlit corner of the house, or in the closet where you are dressing. Usually, the darker the location, the better the perfume. Also, keep the bottle in its original case and use it to store the perfume. This will provide an extra layer of protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, oxygen, and heat. You can also use a decorative box or linen closet to safely store high-end fragrances.

Perfume bottle

4. Don't shake the perfume bottle: Many people shake their perfume before applying it. However, the myth is that perfume must be shaken before being used. In fact, the opposite is true. Unless the manufacturer clearly instructs you to shake the perfume before using it, it is best to avoid doing so before applying it. Shaking the bottle fills with air, accelerating its breakdown and evaporation. In addition, it can cause delicate glass bottles to break. So keep the perfume ritual simple.

5. Use applicator sparingly: Dip applicator stick or ball into the skin and apply unsprayed or aerosolized perfume. These types of applicators not only introduce small amounts of dirt and oil into the custom perfume bottle but also cause large amounts of perfume to evaporate. Therefore, always choose a spray bottle and remember to close the lid tightly after each use to prevent the smell from evaporating over time.

6. Buy a travel container: If you want to carry perfume with you, a travel container can help keep it safe. Before you travel, choose your favorite perfume in a bottle that suits your travel, especially if you have to fly. If you can't find a travel bottle, buy an empty bottle, and transfer the perfume here. Spray or pour a small amount of perfume into the bottle, and carry it with you, as setting aside a portion will keep the rest of the original perfume safe at home. Women who like to reuse their perfume throughout the day should definitely consider carrying a small bottle with them. If you want to pour perfume from a large bottle into a small one, use an eyedropper instead of a funnel to transfer the liquid.