Guide of Perfume Type

Sep. 16, 2020

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Buying a new perfume can drown out all the perfumes available. There are not only countless kinds of aroma, but also different aroma concentrations. The name of the perfume on the bottle is usually followed by its concentration. Aroma concentration refers to the intensity of an aroma. Perfumes with a higher aroma concentration contain more essential oils and less alcohol. Perfume concentrations fall into several categories, including perfume, EAU DE toilette, Eau DE cologne, Eau DE cologne, and Eau DE toilette.


Parfum, also called Extrait DE Parfum or Pure Perfume, has the highest concentration of perfumes. Fragrances will contain between 15% and 40% of the aroma, but most fragrances are usually between 20% and 30% in concentration. Of all fragrances, the fragrance lasts the longest.It usually takes six to eight hours. Because of the high concentration of perfumes, fragrances usually also require the highest price of all perfume types. People with sensitive skin may be better off using fragrances because they have a much lower alcohol content than other types of fragrances and are therefore less likely to dry out the skin.

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After perfume, perfume (EDP) aroma content is the second highest. Perfumes usually have an aroma concentration of 15% to 20%.On average, the perfume will last four to five hours. Perfumes are also generally cheaper and, while it is true that they have a higher alcohol concentration than perfumes, they are better for sensitive skin than other fragrances. Eau DE toilette is one of the most common types of perfume, suitable for everyday wear.

Weak perfume

Eau DE toilette (EDT) perfumes range in concentration from 5% to 15%. It is cheaper than eau DE toilette and is one of the most popular perfumes at the moment.EDT fragrances usually last two to three hours. Eau DE toilette is considered by some to be everyday clothing, while Eau DE toilette is considered to be nightwear. The term comes from the French term, "faire sa Toilette," which means to be prepared.


Cologne or EDC perfumes have a much lower concentration than the above types of perfumes.EDC usually has a 2 to 4% flavoring concentration and a high alcohol concentration. It's cheaper than other types of perfume, but the scent usually lasts for up to two hours. Eds usually come in larger bottles and require more perfume. Eau DE Cologne originally refers to a traditional recipe that USES vanilla and citrus seasoning with little or no tone.

Weak Perfume

Eau Fraiche, similar to Eau DE cologne, usually has an aroma that lasts up to two hours. Eau DE toilette aroma concentration is lower than cologne, usually only 1% to 3%. Although Eau Fraiche is low in concentration, it does not contain a significant amount of alcohol. Except for spices, Eau Fraiche consists mostly of water.

In addition to the types of perfumes listed above, there are mist, aftershave, and other types of perfumes. High-end perfumes can cost a lot of money, so doing research beforehand will ensure you get the type of perfume you need. In addition to the type of scent, there is also the scent that determines the final scent. In all types and scents, it is not always easy to buy perfume, but it is possible.