Does the Perfume Have a Shelf Life?

Sep. 18, 2020

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The fragrance will not expire (only fragrances sold in China will have a shelf life)

First of all, perfumes do not expire and deteriorate simply because of time. It is usually light and high heat that makes them deteriorate. Put a bottle of your newly bought perfume by the window and let it be exposed to light. Take another bottle and store it in a drawer. Whether it is color or smell, you can observe the change in less than a week.

It’s usually just the top note

The fragrances that usually have a short fragrance time (fast volatilization) have a short life span, such as citrus fragrances, but these fragrances are usually the top notes of perfumes. The middle and back notes of perfumes are chemically stable. Therefore, after long-term storage of many antique perfumes, only the top notes will change or disappear. This does not hurt, because the middle and back notes are the soul of perfume.

Therefore, a few perfumes do change their taste due to the formula. This has nothing to do with whether the perfume is expensive, but depends on the fragrance formula of the perfume. If a perfume uses a lot of fragrances with a short fragrance time (such as citrus) as its main body, then it really cannot stand the test of time. There is a niche perfume \ Annick Goutal Petite Chérie is often commented that the smell becomes unpleasant within a few months.

Why do some perfumes change color over time?

This is related to the fragrance used in perfume. Usually, the color will darken, but this does not affect the smell of the perfume. Spices such as Garnetberry, Vanilla, and Hydrangea are all prone to discoloration. Because of natural vanilla, the inside of Thierry Mugler Womanity changed from pink to yellow after 1 year, but the taste did not change.

Custom Perfume Bottles

Custom Perfume Bottles

Why is the shelf life indicated on the perfume box?

Because of the regulations of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, cosmetics must be marked with their shelf life and batch number, which is usually 3 years. For products in North America and parts of Europe, the shelf life is calculated based on the opened date (see the small round can mark on the product bottle for details). In addition, some European products indicate the shelf life after opening and the shelf life of unopened products (usually 3 years).

How should I preserve perfume?

Perfume should be stored in custom perfume bottles, away from sunlight or heat sources in a dry and cool place. Sunshine is the number one enemy of perfume storage. It can decompose the perfume substances in perfume. Excessive heat or cold can also destroy the balance of various essential oils in perfume, which in turn changes the fragrance of the perfume. Dip perfume without spray head should be used as soon as possible once opened, otherwise slow volatilization will occur. If you have perfumes that are not used for a long time, you can store them in a fresh-keeping box away from light, which can greatly extend their lifespan.