Do You Know Perfume?

Jul. 24, 2020

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The fragrance is actually one of the raw materials used to make perfume, and perfume is also known as a woman’s second piece of clothing. In the movie "Scent of a Woman", the protagonist Pacino can also distinguish a woman’s age and Address~ Although Pacino’s eyes are blind, his ability to identify women through fragrance really impresses Amanda. This fragrance-filled peerless tango is also unforgettable. This fully reflects the importance of perfume to a person.

Although perfume is very important, it is also important to master the skills of spraying perfume. You can't spray too much or too little perfume. When it's just right, you can get a wonderful experience~

How to spray perfume?

Generally speaking, perfume can be sprayed on these places:

01/behind the ear

The more common way, the body temperature is high and not affected by ultraviolet rays.

02/Back neck

If you have long hair, you can also cover it with hair to avoid ultraviolet rays. (


Put a little perfume on the tips of your hair and swing your head to exude a charming fragrance.

04/Inner elbow

This is a part with high body temperature, and a slight scent will be emitted if it moves slightly.


When attending a party or going to a bar to play, you can spray perfume on the part below the waist, and it will be more fragrant when dancing.


The body temperature of the arteries and veins of the wrist is higher, which is the place where the fragrance is easily emitted. Generally, the fragrance is sprayed here~

07/Inner knee

Put perfume on the inside of your knees, when you squat down and stand up, it will emit a fragrance from bottom to top


It is a smart way to use perfume, and the body temperature on the inner thigh is also very high, so it can make perfume more easily distributed.


Spray perfume on the top of the ankle, that is, straighten the back of the instep, where the most folds of the heel are (inside of the Achilles tendon), 10/skirt

If you wear a skirt, spray it on the skirt, as long as you swing the skirt, the fragrance will diffuse gently.

The way of spraying perfume can be changed at will according to different occasions, but the smell of perfume has been fixed since its birth, and its fragrance has three different levels: top, middle and back.

Top note

It is the first smell you smell when you open the perfume bottle. This kind of smell is usually emitted by volatile flower and citrus essential oils. Because it is too eye-catching, it will overwhelm the middle and late notes. Some are very strong. Some are very refreshing. All in all, this is your first impression. The duration is relatively short, about ten minutes.

Middle tone

The main scent that comes out after the top note disappears is the essence of perfume. The floral, fruity, and woody notes we often say are embodied in the middle notes, which generally last for three to four hours.

Tail tone (key tone)

It is the part with the longest scent and the part with the slowest volatilization. Commonly used fragrances include frankincense and sandalwood. It not only emits fragrance but also integrates fragrance. Generally can be maintained for a day or longer.

The scent level of perfume can be said to be very rich, but in terms of durability performance, each perfume may be different. Some fairies may just spray the perfume before going out, go shopping or watch a movie and then disappear. The perfume that my little fairy sprays before going out can last all day.

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