Benefits Of Facial Massage

Dec. 24, 2020

Benefits Of Facial Massage

No matter how expensive skincare products are used, they are all-match if they are not absorbed by skin cells. Choose suitable skincare products according to skin type, and at the same time gently massage the face to promote skin cells to absorb the nutrients in the skincare products and keep the skin moist and smooth.

1. Press lightly

Slowly press on the acupuncture points or a certain part of the face with the fingertips, keep pressing in a vertical direction, and keep the intensity from light to heavy, maintaining a stable and continuous state, so that the deep subcutaneous tissue can be stimulated. Gently pressing on the face can open the occlusion, expand the blood vessels of the whole body, improve the blood supply of the tissues, and at the same time enhance the oxidation in the body, help eliminate the stasis in the lymphatic vessels, and provide adequate nutrition for the tissues. Alleviates the problem of facial edema.

2. Take it lightly

First, wash your hands, use your thumb, middle finger, ring finger, and index finger together to pinch the soft tissues and neck area. You need to gently pinch the muscles with the fingertips of each finger, and keep loosening them. Be sure to pay attention to the softness and flexibility of the technique, and maintain a moderate strength.

This can achieve the effects of promoting blood circulation and dredging the meridians, and at the same time normalize the loose muscles, speed up the metabolism, and promote the regeneration and repair of cells.

3. Massage lightly

Use the palm of your hand or your fingers to massage in circular motions on the skin surface. Pay attention to the clock of the technique, and master the strength at the same time. It can achieve the effects of dispelling stagnation, warming the meridians, and dredging the collaterals. It also promotes the shedding of dead cells in the epidermis of the face, improves the function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and promotes the blood flow of the lymphatic muscles. The peripheral nerves get benign stimulation.

4. Rub gently

Rub the ribbed surface of your fingers or palm on the surface of the skin and rub back and forth, but you must not pay too much attention and maintain uniform and continuous movements. Gently rubbing on the most facial or subcutaneous points can achieve a gentle and warm effect. At the same time, it can promote blood circulation and warm the meridians and dredge collaterals.

5. Knead gently

Use your fingers to gently massage the face or acupuncture points in a circular or rolling manner, but you must master the intensity. The massage should be heavier so that it can drive the subcutaneous tissues, can achieve the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and dredging the meridians, while eliminating swelling, speeding up metabolism, and enhancing muscle elasticity.

Facial Skin Massager Suppliersremind you that through the above methods, local blood circulation can be promoted, and at the same time, aging can be delayed, wrinkles and spots can be diminished. Always maintain a regular schedule and avoid staying up late. We provide you with Uplift Facial Massager and so on.

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