Why Is Perfume Packaging Important

Jan. 26, 2021

Why Is Perfume Packaging Important

The packaging is important in today's perfume market, as it is an industry that launches thousands of new products every year. How does a perfume stand out amid all this madness, especially when competing with brands with huge budgets and crazy advertising campaigns? While I like to complain about the amount of juice, rather than the bottles in which it was served, it would be arrogant to claim that the appearance was not affected. First impressions of products and brands are powerful.

When it comes to perfumes and beauty products, those first impressions are the visual effects, so packaging really can be everything. It can also work in other ways: suppose you're at the perfume counter and the salesperson blows out a scent band (out of your line of sight) and asks you to smell it. You smell a scent and fall in love, knowing nothing about its brand or bottle. The sales assistant said $200, then pulled out the whole bottle, which looked cheap, with a hastily taped label on it. The appearance doesn't seem to agree with the price. I think it is strange if you are not at least disappointed. Or, if another scent is presented to you in the same way, you fall in love with it.

Okay, in my case, I don't have a dresser, and I may pour out odors from fine and bad bottles (to save space and weight, and to make my collection more portable), but I'm not most people. But the truth is, if I were the person in the imaginary beauty counter scenario described above, I would probably be disappointed in both cases.

Especially when buying luxury goods, consumers already expect certain standards. For perfumes, the weight of the perfume bottle and the quality of the perfume case are crucial to making the customer feel they have got value from the purchase. In practice, for the mass market of perfume consumers (not perfume connoisseurs), it is not easy to determine whether the quality of a perfume is good or whether you like it. They rely on the impression of packaging and brand to have confidence in their buying decisions.

Perfume bottle

Of course, many brands have become accustomed to using this approach to sell products that are more style-conscious than style-conscious, so savvy consumers try to train themselves to look less showy in packaging, especially when it comes to niche perfumes. But even in plain packaging, if the price is reasonable, the bottle still needs to maintain weight and convey quality.

If niche production lines are moving away from fast packaging, does that mean costs are being transferred to the quality of the perfume instead?

Unfortunately, not necessarily. For smaller brands, the packaging is expensive - even if it doesn't look like it. Small perfume makers often have limited options when it comes to actual small purchases. If a company needs a customized product, there is also the so-called cost of the mold and the storage of the bottle holder for minimum production. There are several companies that sell bottles and screenprints in small batches, but the final cost really depends on the quantity produced.

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