How to Choose the Desired Perfume Bottle Cap?

Nov. 26, 2020

Fragrance Bottles Cap

All of us know the important role of perfume packaging in the perfume field. Successful perfume bottle sets can stimulate people's emotions and directly soothe people's hearts. It is not only a simple perfume container with exquisite shape but also has brand connotation and meaningful private collection value.

Most glass bottles have very regular shapes, while perfume caps are more carefully and carefully selected. It is necessary to clearly know the characters of the 5 most popular capital letters.

Zamac Cap:

The luxurious material of alloy zinc has a heavy metal texture and a cool feeling, so it is attractive. It is produced by die-casting molds. After preliminary surface treatment: After brushing or manual polishing, the color will be coated by electroplating or electrophoresis. Perfumers tend to choose standard glass bottles, but it has become a trend to pair them with custom brand-style zamac caps, making the bottles overwhelmed.

In the current Chinese market, there are a variety of zamac bottle caps, the quality of which can be judged from three main aspects: the zinc content, the thickness of the electroplating layer and the details of the surface treatment;

Surlyn Cap:

Unlike other bottle caps, Surlyn Cap is very special, allowing direct contact with perfume. It is made of Surlyn resin with excellent wear resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance. This material is very transparent, can make the bottle cap have better color purity, and can be decorated with any color. In addition, it has excellent injection moldability and mold reading capabilities, which means that the smallest details on the mold can be designed, and it can also be accurately restored to achieve an excellent design. Because of its purity and transparency, surlyn cap is very popular among European and American brands, especially eau de toilette.

Abs Bottle Cap:

The most noteworthy feature of ABS bottle caps is their economical cost and flexibility. It has excellent heat and weather resistance and dimensional stability. The raw materials are usually opaque, and we can customize different decorations. Various surface treatments can be applied, such as UV, metallization, water transfer, and so on. The ABS cover is flexibly formed, which can achieve complex and complex designs with high precision and precision, which may not be easy for zamac. Recently, many perfumers like to use ABS with metal weighing inside, which looks similar in quality to expensive zamac but is cost-effective. For middle market and complex design projects, ABS capping is a good choice.

Acrylic Cap:

The appearance of the acrylic cover looks like a combination of Surlyn and ABS. It has good transparency, easy to dye and drop resistance. It brings an elegant appearance and high quality to the hat. The color acrylic bottle cap with crystal transparency can have a good color rendering effect. It is light weight and low cost, so it is very suitable for the mass market.

Wooden Hat:

Solid wooden hats always have a large number of fans all over the world. It is made of solid wood and can be made into square, rectangular and cylindrical shapes, and can be painted in various colors. Retro brown or black is the most popular. It is particularly suitable for classic perfumes with long-lasting properties. The most direct way to judge the quality of wooden lids is the density of wooden lids. Generally speaking, high-density wooden lids can last longer and are well preserved.

When matching the bottle with the Fragrance Bottles Cap, in addition to the consistency and beauty of the appearance, the functional matching between the cap, the bottle and the sprayer is equally important. Athena has an experienced team of designers and engineers who can help you finalize the ideal perfume packaging