Teach You How to Choose Perfume as a Gift?

Nov. 12, 2020

Perfume Cap Suppliers If you can learn about the perfumes that your gift recipients use daily, your best choice is to choose a perfume with a similar smell. You can search for perfumes with similar flavors on the Internet. If you think the workload is too much, you can also go directly to the perfume counter and ask the counter attendant. Then you may ask, how to divide the fragrance of perfume? Perfume cap suppliers share this article for you.

Fragrance division

There is no international standard for the division of perfume notes, but floral notes, green notes, citrus notes, oriental notes, wood notes, and aldehyde notes are the most common notes. But the fragrance of a bottle of perfume is more than just one fragrance. Perfumers often use two or more fragrances to create a special smell. For example, we can often hear about acetaldehyde floral notes, oriental floral notes, floral and fruit notes and so on.

Classification of perfume

According to the concentration of the contained essence, it can be divided into strong perfume, perfume, eau de toilette and cologne, and the fragrance time also decreases sequentially. Flavors are made up of dozens of flavors and hundreds of flavors.


The concentration is the highest, the content is about 18%-25%, the fragrance is strong and lasting, and it is the most expensive of all perfumes. It is recommended for areas with active pulse, such as wrists, back of knees, and neck.

The concentration of flavor is between 12% and 18%. The aroma is lighter than strong perfume, but stronger than light perfume.


The fragrance content is between 5% and 12%, which gives people a more refreshing impression. It is an elegant perfume suitable for daytime.

Cologne perfume (EaudeCologne)

Namely, cologne, the flavor content is between 3~5%, which is popular with men, but more and more girls like the neutral taste of cologne.

Don't smell too many perfumes at once

Your nose will be numb by the fragrance easily, and then any smell will almost be the same. At this time, you will have a complete headache and don't know which one to choose. Therefore, do not smell more than 4 flavors of perfume at one time when choosing a perfume. Please keep in mind that the scent of perfume may take 30 minutes to stabilize, so if you want to stick to your first choice, you can spray it on your wrist and go around to decide whether to buy it.

Find perfumes with related names

If you don’t know what perfume they use, look for a perfume that is related to the recipient’s name. Some perfume websites support search (such as basenotes.net). Enter your friend’s English name and see if it’s related to TA A perfume with the same name. Some perfumes are named after numbers, and you can also choose to give them to someone who has special meaning to this number.

According to personal habits

If someone likes cooking, you can choose a lavender scent for him, which can compensate for the taste of other foods in the kitchen. If he likes entertainment, gardenias or roses are the best choice to use in the living room. Rich and comfortable smells such as tuberose are more suitable for use in the bedroom.